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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel: For Today and Tomorrow
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Responsible Travel: For Today and Tomorrow

We believe that responsible tour operators should do more than supporting charities. To us, practicing sustainability or responsible travel means being responsible in the way that we work – it pervades what we do on a day-to-day basis.
When we first founded Nova Safaris, we wanted to ensure that we have a positive impact on the society and environment in which we operate. We believe that when done well, tourism can be a force for good, whether it is the ability to boost local economies and support communities, or as a way to promote conservation to a wider audience. This belief has always been entrenched in our company vision. To make your travel dreams come true and facilitate journeys to different parts of our amazing planet, it is important to us that we and our guests make a positive contribution to the people and places visited along the way.

We do not claim perfection – and we would question any others who do. We acknowledge that to be a modern-day traveler being “eco-friendly” is impractical, as every step leaves a footprint, however, we do value being “eco-considerate”. Join us on our journey today to make a better world for tomorrow.

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Acting responsibly as a Tour Operators for us entails

Responsible Travel Experiences

We aim to promote Responsible Travel Experiences which facilitate mutually enriching encounters between our guests and local people, benefit local communities and contribute to the conservation of endangered animals or habitats.

Treatment of Staff and Partners

We intend to treat all our team members and partners with respect and dignity, ensuring a safe and conducive work environment and working conditions.

Supporting Communities

We aim to have a positive impact on communities and support charitable organizations and projects which inspire us and where we believe we can make a difference beyond simply giving donations, through using our skills and capabilities.

How you can get involved and contribute

Responsible Travel extends beyond the ground operations, accommodation, and community. It also includes you! The difference between a typical tourist and a Nova Afrika Safaris’ guest is the mindset: by traveling with us you are open and respectful in your behavior and actions.